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Reduce risks from cyber threats and remain healthcare compliant with our IT Security Risk Assessment. Our Information Security Risk Assessment will allow you to:
  • Avoid breaches and other security incidents like ransomware, data leaks and cyberattacks
  • Enhance security awareness  inside your organization to highlight potential risks and identify vulnerabilities
  • Improve your team’s internal communications, information assets, processes and technologies
  • Remain eligible for cyber insurance by adhering to security standards
  • Ensure you meet legal security compliance  requirements for the healthcare industry
Get your annual IT Security Risk Assessment done before security issues affect your bottom line Partner with us and benefit from HIPAA compliance services tailored to your immediate needs.

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Risk Management in Cyber Security

A Three-Phase Approach for Risk Management Security

Here are Our Information Security Risk Management Steps

The first step in a security risk assessment is getting to know your system inside and out.

Our discovery process begins with a thorough review of your information security management system, starting with your policies and procedures.

Then we conduct interviews with subject matter experts and perform multiple system audits.

Then we can conduct a physical site walkthrough for an accurate look at any potential internal and external security factors.

Lastly, comprehensive security testing is done (such as penetration testing) to detect all possible data security threats and vulnerabilities.

Why You Should Consider Cyber Security Risk Management?

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Why Clients Choose Techumen For Enterprise Security Risk Management?


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IT Security Risk Assessment

Our Approach is Your Advantage

When it comes to your own cyber security needs, it can be hard to know where to begin, let alone how to get the job done. 

That’s why we treat each client individually and get to know your unique challenges.

Working within your budget
Every business has different resource allocations. How does this impact the solutions we recommend?

Tailored security roadmaps
Unlike with other cyber security risk assessment companies, your custom security plan will always work within your budget.

Making Information Security & Risk Management Simple

Cyber security risk assessment might be complicated, but you can leave the implementation to us. 

Our goal is to provide you with a straightforward process that makes everything easy.

A turn-key service
Our cyber security risk assessment process ensures that as much work as possible is taken off your plate.

No time? No problem
Dealing with too much already to even think about improving security? We’ve the time and expertise to do it all for you.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Case Studies

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What to Tell Your Management about Security
Can an enterprise save money and yet be more secure?

Cyber Security Risk Assessment
for Your Business

Get to know some additional benefits of our cyber security risk assessment service, such as: 

  • Improved governance
    By placing security at the center of your analytics you’ll have greater control over your data sets.
  • Application security
    Are you developing apps? Don’t let them become a weak spot in your network. We can bridge them into your security.
  • Cyber security scorecard
    After each assessment, you get a scorecard that lets you know exactly how mature your organization’s security really is.

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