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The Problem

Contemporary health care providers face abounding security concerns and any breach will have a direct financial and reputational impact on their organizations. The need for a security officer is vital at most organizations with over 100 employees. Many health care facilities do not have a dedicated, experienced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), but do not need a full-time employee – plug your security gaps with our experts.

The Solution

In brief, the following is what a client can expect from an interim CISO:

  • The CISO will be on-site for a defined period; specified days/week or weeks/month
  • CISO is responsible for a set of agreed upon routine security responsibilities
  • CISO also works on designated projects outside of routine security operations
  • CISO is reachable by phone / email at all times


HIPAA Compliance Audit
Protected Health Information (PHI)

The Solution

The activities can include security program design and operations for:

  • Compliance Duties including performing risk assessments
  • Managing Monitoring, Logging, and Reporting
  • Coordinating Incident Response
  • Developing Training and Awareness sessions
  • Performing System Design reviews to ensure adequate security
  • Vendor Contract Review
  • Performing Asset Classification
  • Coordinating Penetration Tests
  • Governance development / improvement
  • Disaster Recovery/Incident Response

The Impact

Among the clear benefits of hiring an interim CISO are:

  • Acquire Information Security experience and skills not currently available within the IT department
  • Assist and provide advice for complex installations (E.g. EHRs or entity-wide PACS)
  • Serve as a critical bridge between compliance and Information technology operations
  • Have a designated contact for IT, Audit, and Compliance inquiries
  • Free up IT management, operations, and developers to do their jobs

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