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Partner with Techumen and benefit from a complete HIPAA security risk assessment that helps your organization maintain confidentiality integrity.

Our history of proven success has helped us develop several models and methodologies that ensure you get fast-acting solutions to your HIPAA audit needs.

Work with 20+ year industry veterans to rapidly become HIPAA-compliant and maximize your reimbursement this year.

Businesses Trust Risk HIPAA Assessment Service Provided by Techumen

HIPAA Risk Assessment

Ensure that your business is HIPAA-compliant when you work with Techumen.

We leverage proven risk assessment for HIPAA methodologies to thoroughly assess your business’s ability to pass a HIPAA audit, identifying and remediating gaps to ensure compliance.

Get peace of mind that your business, whether a covered entities and business associates, is in full HIPAA compliance and ready to successfully pass an audit.

HIPAA Risk Assessment Services Provided by Techumen

Be confident that our HIPAA risk assessment services make passing an audit simple and problem-free

HIPAA risk assessment requirements are far-reaching and at times exhaustively detailed.

They apply to your administrative, physical, and technical systems and processes, necessitating a meticulous and detailed approach.

With Techumen, you’ll work with a partner that has a deep understanding of HIPAA compliance regulations.

We have an expert understanding of all relevant laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act as well as state laws.

Ensure that your electronic protected health information (ePHI) is safe and secure, protecting you from both regulatory fines and potential reputational damage should your business suffer data breaches or leaks.

Techumen’s Track Record of Success for HIPAA Security Risk Assessment


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Meet All HIPAA Risk Assessment Requirements With Techumen

Benefit From a Complete Risk Assessment HIPAA

Receive an assessment that identifies risks and works to remediate them rapidly and without error.

Never Fail an Audit

Work with Techumen and rest assured that you’re getting a risk assessment for HIPAA that has proven successful 100% of the time.

We administer a rigorous multi-step assessment that doesn’t allow room for error:

  • Discovery
  • Analysis of physical and administrative controls
  • Assessment
  • Reporting

We can perform assessments in-person or remotely, adapting our process to meet your unique needs without sacrificing accuracy.

We will also produce documentation that provides valuable, comprehensive insights and action plans so your organization can work to guarantee compliance swiftly.

Risk Assessment HIPAA
HIPAA Risk Assessment Requirements

Remediate Compliance Issues Across Your Entire Organization

Fixing a handful of issues is not enough. You need to be confident that your organization is fully compliant with HIPAA requirements. 

That’s why our process involves implementing solutions that will work to ensure HIPAA compliance across all parts of your organization. 

Get HIPAA risk assessment benefits that are comprehensive, holistic, and leave no room for lapses. 

Adaptive Services That Never Leaves You Vulnerable

Ensuring that your organization remains HIPAA compliant means leveraging proven risk assessment services for HIPAA regularly.

Instead of having to verify if your provider is updated on current compliance regulations, work with an expert on HIPAA requirements dedicated to complete client satisfaction.

The majority of our clients request repeat business with Techumen and have passed every audit they’ve undergone.

Trust us to manage your HIPAA compliance needs, so you can focus on managing your organization.

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