Get Your HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Avoid severe financial penalties

These penalties can run up into the millions for a Tier 3 or Tier 4 violation of the HIPAA rules

Every HIPAA safeguard has a implementation that is “reasonable and appropriate”, which helps you avoid unnecessary expense

Know which safeguards are needed

This is essential for the continued security of any private information you may be responsible for

Ensure the proper controls are in place

Get Your HIPAA Compliance Checklist

You never want to leave yourself open to a potential attack—Get informed so you stay protected

Identify areas of vulnerability

It’s important to know what requirements you need to meet so that you can:

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A High-Level HIPAA Compliance Checklist Overview

Gap Analysis

Determine where you fall short and how best to close your gaps.

An essential HIPAA compliance checklist step is properly posting these notices.

Amend Notices of Privacy Practices

This is an unmissable chance to fine-tune existing policies based on experience.

Revise Security Policies

It may be necessary to manually amend each business associate contract, but it’s better to know!

Know where you’re weak so you can safeguard areas in which you’re vulnerable.

Revise Contract Templates

Update Your Risk Analysis

Make sure your employees are trained in HIPAA compliance and promote awareness.

Staff Training

Implement Access Control

Assign a centrally controlled username and password for every user.

Required Safeguards and Sample HIPAA Compliance Checklist

You must know who has viewed, edited or added ePHI to a system.

Activity Logs and Audit Controls

This is typically done annually and is, bar none, one of the most instrumental steps.

Conduct a Risk Assessment

When all goes pear-shaped, you need a foolproof plan to prevent service disruptions.

Ensure that only authorized people in your organization have access to private data.

Reduce risks down to appropriate levels and effectively manage risks.

Risk Management Policy

Make a Contingency Plan

Restrict 3rd Party Access

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Be Confident with Your HIPAA Compliance Checklist

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Get Your HIPAA Compliance Checklist

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