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Ensure total compliance in the event of a HIPAA audit with our industry-leading services.

Want Peace of Mind During
a HIPAA Compliance Audit?

Rest easy knowing that your healthcare business is HIPAA compliant.

Why choose Techumen for HIPAA audit services?

  • Ensure your business is in total compliance with the over 120 safeguards of the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules with our comprehensive compliance assessment and checklists.
  • Identify gaps in your policies. We’ll write new supplemental policies at no extra charge.
  • Streamline your HIPAA compliance process and get your HIPAA needs identified and addressed.
  • Implement solutions quickly and affordably so you can maintain HIPAA compliance at all times.
  • Work with a compliance expert that understands your business and modifies its approach to reflect your business’s specific sector and maturity.

Whether you’re about to undergo an audit or want to maintain compliance, Techumen provides industry-leading healthcare security and privacy compliance expertise.

Our team ensures your administrative, physical and technical controls are up to date and meet HIPAA standards.

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Partner with Techumen and benefit from a complete HIPAA security risk assessment that helps your organization maintain confidentiality integrity.

Work with 20+ year industry veterans to rapidly become HIPAA-compliant and maximize your reimbursement this year.

Work with Techumen and rest assured that you’re getting a risk assessment for HIPAA that has proven successful 100% of the time.

How We Ensure You’ll Meet HIPAA Audit Protocol

Get 1-to-1 Mapping of All 120+ HIPAA Clauses

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has over 120 clauses in its omnibus rule. Don’t let your business get lost trying to address them all individually. 

Instead, leverage our expertise and risk analysis to discover gaps, analyze them and recommend solutions that ensure total compliance with HIPAA audit requirements. 

We use simplified threat-level identification methodologies for our audits. These methods keep you updated on what is required to guarantee total compliance during a HIPAA audit protocol.

Never Fail at HIPAA Auditing

Enjoy proven consulting services that develop total compliance for audit success.

Why Clients Choose Techumen for their HIPAA Security Audit?


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Of clients passed HHS/CMS audits

HIPAA Compliance Audit
Deep Industry Knowledge

Work with experts that have deep industry knowledge and expertise across a variety of sub-sectors. 

Rely on a team of trained experts that are intimately familiar with the omnibus HIPAA rules and know how to quickly assess, prioritize, and address the gaps in your system. 

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, let Techumen develop a tailored checklist and plan designed to fit your business’s and sector’s unique needs.

100% HHS/CMS Pass Rate for HIPAA Compliance Audits

All of our clients have passed their HHS/CMS audits. 

Our history of proven success has helped us develop several models and methodologies that ensure you get fast-acting solutions to your HIPAA audit needs.

Our experience has led us to develop systems and processes that will quickly and thoroughly patch your technical, administrative, and physical policies so they are compliant. 

HIPAA Security Audit

Comprehensive, Robust Support
for All Your HIPAA Audit Needs

A HIPAA desk audit will examine privacy, security, and breach notification required safeguards. 

That’s a lot to consider – and several potential areas that might get overlooked. 

Trust Techumen to provide fast, reliable, and affordable solutions that enable total HIPAA audit compliance, including: 

  • HIPAA audit log retention
  • Systems analysis
  • Governance policies
  • Any other area covered by the HIPAA rules

We maintain constant communication with you as we build compliance, immediately relaying information on significant fixes. 

Our services are always tailored to your needs and resources and will always communicate them plainly, cutting through regulatory jargon. 

We understand that an audit can be stress-inducing and are there to support you 100% of the way. 

What Is a HIPAA Audit?

There are three ways to have the federal government, specifically the Office for Civil Rights, audit your organization’s HIPAA Compliance:

  1. Randomly: The OCR performs a HIPAA compliance audit for a few dozen organizations per year. In a large country like this, you probably don’t need to worry about a random HIPAA security audit.
  2. After a complaint: Patients are permitted to lodge complaints about the use of their PHI to HHS. In some cases, these complaints resulted in a HIPAA security audit.
  3. After a breach: If you have to report a breach of PHI to HHS, there is a very good chance you will be subject to a HIPAA compliance audit.


If your organization is audited, you must follow all HIPAA audit requirements in order to adhere to the HIPAA audit checklist.

HIPAA Audit Requirements FAQ

The US Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is the government body that enforces the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) laws. Their HIPAA Audit Program (to use its full name, The HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Audit Program) examines both HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates to assess their compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, Security Rule, and Breach Notification Rule.